Nancy Brown Ive been having Frank Triola's  food delivered for 4-5 months now. Have lost almost 70 pounds! Don't

think anyone does it better! Pretty damn good! 



I was up at CES today and heard some great feedback. Four or five guys made sure to tell me their meal today was "damn good" and "amazing." I'm not sure which specific meal it was cause they had already finished it but one called it "almond butter chicken." Brett Singer


Chef Frank - THANK YOU SO MUCH for catering our meetings this week and next. And on the fly - The food is delicious and everyone PRAISED you. I mean to tell you there are NO left overs today - I call that success! A VP made the comment that NOV needs to make you the "Official Caterer of NOV!" Look forward to working with you many times again and again! Ashley Russell




“Frank Triola is the answer to our prayers. Members of our order have a lot of dietary restrictions. One is a diabetic; another is on a gluten free and soy free diet. We prayed for two months to find a cook; and when we found Frank, it was a tremendous blessing. This is the first time we have had a real chef cooking for us, and it is amazing. He is amazing. He is so accommodating with his menus, everyone gets what they want, and his food is always fresh, tasty, and dare I say, Heavenly. Mealtime is now so joyful, the conversation is better, and it’s all because of Frank. God Bless Frank Triola.”Brother Ian, Holy Rosary Church










star star star star star


Taff Weinstein - First Imperial Mortgage

"If you are looking for healthy tasty food……you have found your man.  Chef Frank cooks meals for our family that are savory and delicious!!  He just catered an open house at a realty office for our company , First Imperial Mortgage, and the realtors could not say enough good stuff about the food.   We had chicken parmesan with mushrooms, penne pasta, turkey lasagna, and salad.   He has made our life simple and makes it so easy to eat right!!!




star star star star star


Heather E

"I have been ordering food from Chef Frank for a couple of months now. I was looking for someone to prepare good, healthy meals for myself and my family. I have not been disappointed! The meals are delicious, and the amount of time I save is priceless! I absolutely love the fact that all meals are labeled with the nutrition facts. It's so helpful to have all the information right in front of you! He has an extremely versatile selection of meals that will work for any dietary needs. I highly recommend Chef Frank to anyone looking to spend more time with their family without having to sacrifice meal quality!"




star star star star star


Janet L.

"I have endometriosis and am on a strict diet. I felt overwhelmed and hopeless and then found chef Frank. The meals are wonderful, beautifully done and labeled with calories, ww pts etc. Also, he delivers to your home!
One of the BEST things I have done for myself.
And very affordable when I calculated my hourly rate and that I was spending over 5hrs/week on stressing about food.








Vicky B.


Frank's food is great. He's always on time and I love how he labels his food with the calories, etc. His food is the perfect

portion, rather than eating at a restaurant that has double or triple the portion.






Jeffery C.


Chef Frank prepared a French menu for a dinner I hosted. What a great experience! He planned the menu thoughtfully

and his rack of lamb is the best I've had. He is the consummate professional-shows up on time, has done the prep and

allowed me to enjoy my guests instead of worrying and working up to and through dinner. He plated the meal, removed

each prior course and served the next one, kept the water glasses full and made each guest want to hire him when they

saw how smoothly the evening went. His price was reasonable and I look forward to the next dinner with him.